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The other day I snagged a copy of the Wraxall translation with illustrations by Lynd Ward from the 1930s at a used book store. The one with the really infuriating introduction. But I had no idea just how thoroughly illustrated it was. There’s at least one picture for every chapter (some of which are pretty hilarious). Why did no one tell me?

Highlights include (crappy cell phone pics, sorry):

An impressively ugly Grantaire who seems to spend an absurd amount of time on his hair

Bossuet with little tufts hair on top of his head

Marius preparing to make out with Valjean’s handkerchief

Marius flailing about (one of many)

 The boys marching to the barricades with Feuilly’s saber leading the way! Presumably the one in his shirtsleeves behind him is Bahorel.

Mabeuf replacing the flag

This rather lovely Enjolras giving his horizon speech at the barricade

And, of course, Grantaire utterly ruining Enjolras’s dignified death by breaking into song

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    These are so very of their time. I love them. Despite/because of how creepy they are.
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    Some of these look unfamiliar- I don’t know if our illustrations are different or if it’s just because I haven’t been...
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